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In the coffeelands of Central America, seasonal hunger is so common that it has a name: Los Meses Flacos, “the Thin Months.” These months occur during the rainy season, after the coffee harvest, when coffee farming families — typically paid once per year for their labor — have depleted their coffee earnings. During the Thin Months, families make ends meet by eating less, eating less expensive foods, or borrowing against their future earnings from coffee.

Five coffee companies — Counter Culture Coffee, Farmer Brothers, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, Inc., Starbucks Coffee Company and Sustainable Harvest Coffee Importers – have come together to form the Coffeelands Food Security Coalition, a collaborative project that aims to develop, enable and disseminate solutions to seasonal hunger in coffee producing countries.

Mercy Corps is proud to partner with the Coffeelands Food Security Coalition to fight hunger in Nicaragua, beginning in February 2013, through the Empowering Food Securities Project. The Coalition aims to expand participation within the industry and with other NGO and government partners, and will be announcing opportunities in early spring 2013.